Hilarious Memes or Sneaky Ads, You Decide.

What comes first? Do people/products show up on social media after the public falls in love with them? Or.. Does the public fall in love with people/products after they show up all over social media?

I have been surfing social media since I was old enough to work a computer (13 probably), and I used to believe that hilarious content and funny memes were created organically, by funny people with spare time.

But after years of studying marketing and social media in college, I have started to notice trends that make me believe it might be paid content creators that work for very big companies that create these hilarious “trends” and “memes” that we see on social media.

Here are 3 account examples that use social media content that could actually be paid for advertisements:

@Dory  has 1.75 followers on Twitter and is a parody account of a character from finding nemo, this account normally posts funny videos and gifs of dogs, celebrity drama and memes that appeal to millenials. But these have been spotted on the account:


Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series.


Netflix again??


If you see this on the shelf in 2017, this was an ad.

@girlposts, or Common White Girl, has 7.04 Million Followers and 9 out of 10  posts (guesstimate) are completely innocent tweets of memes and jokes, but then there’s these:


Sonic consistently pops up on these parody accounts.


Just a Kylie Jenner product ad to go along with the 10,000 Jenner/Kardashian memes that you see on these parody accounts…


Okay this one might be innocent.

@Tbhjuststop has 1.06 million followers.


Same tweet, different account… hmmm…. Just when I thought this one was innocent!


This one could actually be Innocent. Either way, dogs in glasses are hilarious (that perfectly placed Gatorade logo though).


Via Wikipedia: Netflix is the distribution company for the Stranger Things series (another Netflix appearance).

Do these accounts organically post this content because it appeals to their followers? Or are these paid ads? You decide. Let me know in the comments below!

Featured image credit: @tbhjuststop


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